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Xyntaraki Hara-Language School is directly connected to CERN

Xyntaraki Hara-Language School connects directly with CERN ⚛️, on Tuesday 17/12 at 14:00 and for 2 full hours! Our students will have the opportunity to chat with scientists from one of the largest and most recognized Research Institutions in the world, to ask them interesting questions and to explore the magical world of science, from

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We are the 1st foreign language center in Greece that attended a virtual exhibition of paintings abroad, talked to the creators of the works in English and received the congratulations of the organizers and the artists! When language becomes the means to travel, to broaden your horizons and to acquire culture, then the process

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Ranch 2018

Ranch For us there are no limits to the journey of knowledge and learning. For this reason we do not want to limit knowledge within a room. We want our teaching, always focused on the student, to be fun and varied. For this reason we organize short getaways, in a special place and for

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Xyntaraki – Halloween 2018

To make blood run cold! On the eve of All Saints, on the night of October 31, Halloween is celebrated. It is a development of the ancient Celtic festival of the somhain, the god of the underworld. The celebration of Halloween is associated with supernatural activity. Many cultural traditions consider this day as one

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Xyntaraki – Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Egg Hunt 2018 At Xyntaraki Language School , learning becomes a game and the creative involvement of our students is our priority. We are constantly looking for creative ways for knowledge to be acquired experientially. So on the occasion of the celebration of Easter, we decided to have fun with the Easter egg hunt.

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Xyntaraki – Book Club

In a world flooded with screens, the internet and digestible forms of entertainment, less and less people, especially young people and children, are investing in reading and collecting books, considering it perhaps an obsolete occupation. Yet research over the years has proven the multiple benefits of reading. The more one reads, the more one

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