Classes for Children – Teens


When entering a foreign language, children are sensitive and disoriented. In XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL we know exactly how to deal with this situation and it is our main concern That’s why we do not just focus on of language rules and grammar, but we offer a communicative curriculum, based on Experiential Learning. Our children learn foreign languages through interactive games, role-playing and rewarding, combined with structural exercises related to the rules of the language (grammar,syntax etc).

It is important for children to love the language from the very beginning. Our team of teachers focuses on that and encourages students so as to be able use the foreign language to communicate from the very first stages. In this way, we see happy smiley faces full of confidence


Teens are now ready to strive for the most important certifications. Comprehensive education, combined with fun activities, give our students the confidence and the motive they need to obtain their certificate and to actively use the language.

Every year, our students make us feel proud of their accomplishments and their ability to communicate effectively in the language of their choice. Through the completion of their studies, they became modern citizens who have all the necessary tools and knowledge for their lives.

In the Children / Teenagers classes we provide:


Inquiring Minds

Our new program #inquiringminds is the new adventure for our students aged 6-12 . Based on the research, in Inquiring Minds we follow these steps:

1) Our students get to choose which big scientific question they are going to research

2) They look around for tools that will help them answer this big question (scientific or literary books, experiments, objects, works of art)

3) They discover new language while the educator is providing them with linguistic tools to explore the question in depth.

4) Students practise and produce language as they are trying to collect clues in order to answer their big question

5) Students move to the Virtual & Augmented Reality corner (station) and visit the world they are exploring (the cell, space, jungle, the pyramids…)

6) Students are evaluated on the answers they found and the language they used

7) The round is completed and students start a new adventure, by exploring a new big question

At the end of the year, students present their scientific findings at the Science Fair and their projects at the Children’s Summit. In English of course!

Are you ready?