Our departments

In XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL we treat foreign languages as a necessary tool for a life of free expression and powerful voice. The student-centered education we provide our students with becomes a boost to their self-confidence, in a world where meaningful communication and thinking is necessary. Language is the stepping stone for every person to be able to spread their wings in a demanding and complex world.

Our goal is for each student to know perfectly well the language of their choice, to build respect for every culture and to be able to take the opportunities that come to their way. Travelling, proper communication, thorough updating, professional development.
In XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL our whole team emphasizes the integrated education, through the departments of the classes, of each foreign language.

English – German – French – Italian – Spanish

In each one of our classes you will find the following features:

  • Satisfactory number of students
  • Complete curriculum
  • Practice on both written and oral communication
  • Creative competition
  • Encouragement of active learning
  • Necessary exam preparation
  • Reinforcement of team spirit

Our classes are divided into categories: Children/Teens – Adults – Learning difficulties classes and they aim for a complete and versatile understanding of the foreign language.


At XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL there are classes for children, teenagers, adults, but also for people with learning difficulties. Experiential Learning is for us a key to the success of learning any foreign language, which is why we include it, systematically, in our curriculum.


Your own messages

The pioneering learning process of XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL is also recognized by the frequent messages we receive from our students, young and old, for every foreign language taught by us.

Vassia Tz.

English student

Vassia Tz. English student

“There is always this family atmosphere, the lesson is never boring and it is based in learning through play.”

Tatiana F.G.

English/French student

Tatiana F.G. English/French student

“They helped me believe more in myself. They treat you like a person, not just as a student”

Despina K.

Spanish student

Despina K. Spanish student

“The teachers can share their experience with you, support you and be by your side every step of the way.”

Lina M.

English student

Lina M. English student

“Honestly, It’s the best language school I’ve even been to.”

Pavlina K.

English/German student

Pavlina K. English/German student

“Every lesson is enjoyable and the teachers are very willing. I like to participate in all the activities and events that are organized every year.”

Odysseas K.

English student

Odysseas K. English student

“It is a very good tutorial, with good teachers, nice lessons, but also very nice games during the holidays.”