Who we are

I am Hara Xyntaraki and along my team, we welcome you to our pioneering school XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL. Here, the student will not find knowledge, just to obtain a foreign language certificate.

We enforce learning and teach each student individually, how to use language fluently and confidently in both oral and written communication, even years after obtaining their certificates. We see language as an investment for our students’ future.

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Student-centered education is our primary concern. We are here to inspire children to be humans first, students second. In our days, where our need for meaningful communication is even greater and our relationships get a cultural dimension, we guide our students towards the path of proper expression and right speech, completing an excellent level of study.

100% Excellence!

We feel really proud of our student’s accomplishments and the dozens of smiles we see every year. Excellence in the B2 to C2 examinations in the languages we teach.

Recently, the University of Cambridge
offered a full scholarship to one of our students. The student, who achieved the highest score in the FCE nationwide, by the British Council in Athens to study at the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge, UK). We can’t help but feel proud and moved


At XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL we take the proper education of our students very seriously. For this reason, our professors are all with a university degree, even with postgraduate studies in Didactics. In addition, some are examiners at institutions such as the British Council and the Hellenic American Union, with extensive experience in language tests.

Chara Xintaraki

She has been teaching English and Spanish for 20 years , with a BA in Applied Languages and Translation , from Portsmouth University, a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second / Foreign Language (TESL / TEFL) , from Saint Michael’s College USA.

A restless and leading spirit, which inspires and guides the team, for the success of each student on a personal, educational and professional level . Volunteer and seminar presenter , she feels the joy of creation, for a student- centered education that brings smiles and confidence.

Eleni Adami


Vanessa Graham


Mina Hanzen


Katerina Chondrodima



Your own messages

The pioneering learning process of XYNTARAKI LANGUAGE SCHOOL is also recognized by the frequent messages we receive from our students, young and old, for every foreign language taught by us.

Vassia Tz.

English student

Vassia Tz. English student

“There is always this family atmosphere, the lesson is never boring and it is based in learning through play.”

Tatiana F.G.

English/French student

Tatiana F.G. English/French student

“They helped me believe more in myself. They treat you like a person, not just as a student.”

Despina K.

Spanish student

Despina K. Spanish student

“The teachers can share their experience with you, support you and be by your side every step of the way.”

Lina M.

English student

Lina M. English student

“Honestly, It’s the best language school I’ve even been to”

Pavlina K.

English/German student

Pavlina K. English/German student

“Every lesson is fun and the teachers are always willing to help. I enjoy taking part in all of the activities they organanize every year.”

Odysseas K.

English student

Odysseas K. English student

” It is a very good school, with friendly teachers, nice lessons and wonderful games”