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In a world flooded with screens, the internet and digestible forms of entertainment, less and less people, especially young people and children, are investing in reading and collecting books, considering it perhaps an obsolete occupation. Yet research over the years has proven the multiple benefits of reading.

The more one reads, the more one develops one’s critical ability and sharpens one’s mind. So when the child comes in contact with the language, it helps him to increase his vocabulary.

You will read new words and their different uses. In addition, an expanded vocabulary can improve his self-confidence, but also increase his sociability, as he will seek to communicate, without being pressured or stressed about his limited or lacking language skills. Children acquire communication skills by observing the people around them and reading a book is a great way to do this. Through reading, children see the characters interact, relate and express themselves and thus learn to do the same.

Rich vocabulary is not just to be used in the classroom or to write well in competitions. Children who have the vocabulary to express their feelings clearly have a more positive self-image and are more likely to express their feelings clearly instead of erupting when they are upset or angry.

The topics covered in the various stories can be an occasion for discussion or even controversy about the world in general, relationships and personal issues.

If this happens in English, children have the opportunity to use the language in an authentic way.

Aiming at the correct use of the language by our students and the enhancement of literacy, we decided to establish the Xyntaraki -Book Club.

A club in which children will read and then exchange their books with their classmates, so that by the end of the academic year each student will read all the books in his class and be able to critique the every book.

After all, isn’t reading so obsolete?

Is everything our psychosynthesis needs hidden in the pages of a book?

. Whatever the answer we are sure you will discover by reading.

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